Current CEIPP Activities

1. Publications

The CEIPP team members are currently writing a paper for publication in the CEE journal Environmental Evidence. The paper “Evidence synthesis: why, what, where and when?” aims to provide readers an overview of the different types of evidence synthesis that are commonly undertaken in environmental management, discussing when you may use each of these methods and the strengths and weaknesses. The paper will be published in early 2016.

Rob Richards has co-authored two recent papers with Ruth Stewart from our CEE Johannesburg Centre. The papers “Don’t tell us it’s ‘for decision-making’ unless you have engaged with decision-makers first” and “Systematic Review or rapid review: a dilemma for environmental practitioners” focus on the role of different types of evidence reviews to meet different decision making contexts. Both papers will be published in Environmental Evidence in early 2016.

2. CEIPP Members on CEE Methods Groups

CEIPP continues its association with the international ‘Centre for Environmental Evidence’ (CEE), with CEIPP members contributing to the CEE’s future direction through involvement in various CEE Methods Groups. CEIPP members are involved in the following groups:

  • Rob Richards: Monitoring and Evaluation of Systematic Review Impact Group, Rapid Evidence Review Methods Group, Systematic Review Training Group
  • Sue Nichols: Rapid Evidence Review Methods Group, Monitoring and Evaluation of Systematic Review Impact Group
  • Angus Webb: Rapid Evidence Review Methods Group

CEIPP looks forward to having an active role in these groups and advancing the research and application of evidence based decision making in the environmental sector.

3. Other activities

Rob Richards has been developing a policy and platform for the management of CEE’s (including CEE Centres) records and documents. With the network and central administration growing, there is a need for a cloud based archive and records management system to ensure we maintain effective and efficient management of our records whilst meeting our legal responsibilities.

Rob has also been developing the 2015 CEE Annual report. The 2015 Annual Report will use a new infographic style presentation that will reduce the length and text of the report but still be rich in the vital information of the activities of CEE.